Yellow Rose Study is in my newest work in process

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Yellow Rose Study 1

I’ve joined another study with Paul Foxton.

Last year I did his free course: Keys to Colour

I learned so very much, but couldn’t afford the full Munsell color book.

I still can’t but I really want to learn more from him in my life.

I’ve recently signed up for his monthly Threads class. I’m learning more and more and having loads of fun in the process.

Watch my progress here. Let me know what you think. Leave me a comment.

Primrose and Galanthus

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SM Primroses 2019 2

You have been watching my art progress over the last year. Thank you for all the Likes and Shares!

Now I am concentrating on both painting and making some of my best work  available to you.

The Shop is now open. Take one home.

I want you to be among the first to see my latest art.

If you sign up for updates  I’ll send you a free .pdf

Season’s Greetings

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SM Seasons Greetings
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Season’s Greetings $125.00 [wpecpp name=’Seasons Greetings’ price=’125.00′]

SOLD: Season’s Greetings is one of my absolutely favorite paintings. Spring season is so needed after winter. This painting can remind you of the warm days to come.

Primroses and Galanthus

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SM Primroses 2019 1

Paul Foxton has continued to add videos to his blog. I try to paint along with his teaching. I’m having so much fun playing with colors. So I though I’d try to get the color of these little gems close to accurate. I love the way the little snowdrops frame and lead the eye into the painting. This tiny 5×7 study is a treat to remember the earliest beginning of spring.

SM Primroses 2019 2
You can be the judge. Did I hit it??
OK, so I’m not quite as good as the garden variety, but not bad as a painting.

They’ve opened!

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sm navajo daffodils

It doesn’t take long.

When I woke up this morning they were ready and willing.

So I broke out the paints. Before I knew it they were perky and ready to go.

SM Navajo Daffodils

Navajo Daffodils $125.00

If you’re ready for them to grace your home, just let me know.

Use the Contact me: link at the top of the page.

Life Intervenes

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sm colorful death of a dream

As many of you know, my husband suffers from Alzheimer’s. Actually that form of dementia allows him to be completely unaware of his diminished capacities, I and those who love him are the ones who suffer.

All this year since he has moved from our apartment and into skilled care I have been busily figuring out who I am. I’ve been rediscovering my love of art.

I set up my apartment as a studio. The paintings are just about taking over the space. I’m working on this blog and getting ready to start selling my art.

A day or so I was told that he is moving to the next stage of his disease. That means he’s loosing more of his bodily function. I’m quite saddened.

My painting is taking a rather dark turn. And I’ll likely be taking a break from both the painting and the blogging.

Please leave me comments if you have been through this with any of your loved ones. especially if you have any good thoughts to share.

A year ago I scheduled a respite week for myself, anticipating that I would need a break. All in God’s perfect timing. I will be away for the next 10 days or so.

Hopefully I return energized and to good news on my husband’s condition.

and that I’m ready to paint again.


2019 Kelli Folsom

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SM Ginger Jar Lemon

Vital Art Sessions

In January I signed up for Kelli Folsom’s monthly subscription program.

This allowed me to paint even more often and to become part of a group of like-minded artists. We prefer to paint realistic still life oil paintings.

Kelli has a well thought out program for encouraging us to paint, to improve, to support each other, and to have FUN while we do it.

Once again I was exploring more and learning more as an artist. What is my vision? What do I really enjoy painting? What do I feel good about? What does my audience like? Does that really matter to me?

Then I began doing some of my own exploration.